Dr. A.K. Singal MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS
M.CH (AIIMS, Gold Medalist)
Stecker Scholar Pediatric Urology (USA)

Pediatric urologist Bahrain Saudi Arabia

Pediatric Urology & Hypospadias Clinic in Bahrain

Dr A.K.Singal visits Kingdom of Bahrain every 3-4 months to consult & provide care for children with urological issues and Hypospadias. The clinic is conducted in association with Dr Mahmood Abbas, Senior Pediatric Surgeon at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital, a renowned hospital carrying excellent reputation for quality of care for children.

Dr A.K.Singal& Dr Abbas will offer consultations, counselling, treatment, pre-surgery tests, pre-surgery preparation, surgery and post-surgery care for various Pediatric urology conditions such as:

Pediatric Urologist Bahrain

Dr A.K.Singal and Dr Mahmood Abbas during a surgery

  • Hypospadias repair surgery for children and adults- both primary and failed redo cases
  • Surgery for Buried penis, penile torsion, chordee
  • Urethral Stricture surgery - urethroplasty
  • Treatment for Undescended testis – laparoscopic and open orchiopexy surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery for Hydronephrosis due to PUJ Obstruction – Laparoscopic pyeloplasty
  • Treatment of urine infections in children
  • Counseling and management of Antenatal (Fetal Hydronephrosis)
  • Vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR) – Anti-reflux ureteric reimplantation and Endoscopic Deflux Injection treatment for VUR.
  • Primary Obstructed Megaureter – Ureteric Reimplantation with tapering
  • Posterior urethral valves (PUV) – Endoscopic (cystoscopic) surgery
  • Neuropathic bladder due to Spina bifida (meningomyelocele)- continence surgeries such as Mitrofanoff, Bladder neck repair and augmentation.
  • Duplex system – Reimplantation and Laparoscopic Nephrectomy/ heminephrectomy
  • Ureterocele surgery - by endoscopy/ cystoscopy
Hypospadias Surgeon Middle East

Dr A.K.Singal and Dr Mahmood Abbas at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital, Bahrain.

With the opening of the Pediatric Urology and Hypospadias surgery clinic in Bahrain, children from Gulf region, Middle East countries, Northern Africa can now travel easily for best treatment under care of Dr Singal and Dr Mahmood. The countries which stand to benefit from this association are Bahrain, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates), Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and practically all countries in MENA region.

Dr Singal said,” Pediatric Urology clinic at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital in Bahrain will focus on best treatment and care for pediatric urology conditions such as hypospadias, epispadias, hydronephrosis, vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR), urine infections in children, incontinence, undescended testis (cryptorchidism), megaureter and kidney stones. This will benefit children and parents living in Gulf, Middle East and MENA region. My association with Dr Mahmood and Ibn Al Nafees hospital, Manama, Bahrain will focus on compassionate care and ethical approach for all children suffering from complex urological issues.”

Dr Mahmood Abbas added, “In Bahrain, I see lot of children with congenital birth defects involving the urinary system. Most of these surgeries are very delicate surgeries with good results in trained and experienced hands. Hence, myself and Dr Singal have set up this Pediatric Urology Clinic at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital to ensure that children with hypospadias to offer best care in the region. Dr Singal will visit here every 2-3 months for a period of 3-4 days and we hope that patients will benefit from his expertise and my care.

Ibn al Nafees Hospital (Dr. Mahmood Abbas)

Rd No 3302, Manama, Bahrain

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