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A girl with vesicoureteral reflux treated with endoscopic injection treatment surgery

A 4-year-old girl presented with recurrent urinary infections at 2 years of age. A MCU showed bilateral grade II reflux into both kidneys. She was out on antibiotics to prevent urinary infections but kept on having urine infections inspite of other measures to control dysfunctional elimination syndromes. They were referred to our Pediatric urology clinic for a detailed discussion about various treatment options for VUR and were seen by Dr A.K.Singal, expert Pediatric Urologist at MITR Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

Parents were counseled in detail about need for treatment of VUR to prevent kidney damage. The possibilities and treatment options- open anti-reflux reimplantation surgery or a minimally invasive injection via cystoscopy called Deflux injection to cure the reflux.

Parents elected to have deflux injection on their child. Deflux injection was performed under minor anesthesia as a day care surgery for her and she was discharged the same day. Antibiotics were stopped after one month. She did not have any further infections after deflux injection and has remained infection free for last 3 years.

Endoscopic Deflux injections represent the latest and the state of art therapy for persistent reflux cure in children having recurrent urine infections. Deflux injections are most effective in low grade VUR such as grade II or III reflux. In grade 4 or 5 VUR especially when bilateral, the success rate of deflux is under 60% and hence we advise anti-reflux surgery for curing VUR in such children. Sometimes ureters are also very dilated in children having grade 5 reflux and during VUR surgery they are also tapered to allow easy drainage of urine and higher success of surgery.

MCU showing VUR reflux in a child
MCU showing bilateral reflux

Dr A.K.Singal is a top and expert Pediatric urologist in India. He has best results for diagnosis and treatment of VUR (urine reflux or vesico-ureteric reflux) in children. Though initial method for management of reflux is medical by preventing infections with use of antibiotics and elimination of risk factors for infection, 10-20% of children keep on having infections. For such children, Dr Singal regularly performs deflux injections as well anti-reflux reimplantation surgery for children having VUR and recurrent urine infections.

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Watch video of Endoscopic Deflux Injection for VUR treatment in a child by Dr A.K.Singal, Pediatric urologist in Mumbai, India here:
Deflux Injection treatment in a child for VUR

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