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A boy with difficulty in passing urine and severe phimosis

3 years old boy presented with difficulty in passing urine and urinary tract infection. Clinical examination showed tight foreskin - a condition called phimosis. Ultrasonogram was done to rule out any kidney abnormalities- it was normal.

Detailed counseling was done about role of medical and surgical options available for this problem and the parents elected to try out local steroid therapy instead of surgery.
At 2 weeks after steroid therapy, the skin became soft and it was retracted and cleaned easily in outpatient clinic. The child has been followed up for last 3 months and does not have any problems with urination and cleans his foreskin daily while having bath. Parents were very happy as a surgery has been avoided

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Phimosis Medical Therapy Multicentric Study & treatment

Phimosis or tight foreskin is very common in childhood and does not need any treatment till 4-5 years of age unless the child has recurrent infections of foreskin (balanoposthitis), recurrent urinary infections, urinary obstruction, BXO of foreskin etc.

10 years back in 2008, we started managing children with symptomatic Phimosis (tight foreskin) medically; Surgery (circumcision) was offered only when medical therapy failed or parents refused medical therapy. As of Dec 2018, we have treated more than 2500 kids with Phimosis with medical therapy for preventing circumcision in childhood. We have seen a more than 90% success rate in avoiding circumcision surgery in children. The goal of the initial trial I 2008 was to estimate the success rates of such therapy in Indian population as no such data is available for India. Most of the kids which we get have problems directly related to Phimosis (tight foreskin) and many of them have been advised surgery elsewhere. It is indeed a pleasure to see the happiness of the parents when their little ones are spared of a surgery.

Get best treatment for phimosis in children by trained pediatric urologist- Dr A.K.Singal in Navi Mumbai, India. Only a pediatric urologist can evaluate, diagnose and offer best medical treatment for tight foreskin in children.

We published our great success rates of medical treatment of phimosis in children in an international reputed journal Acta Pediatrica in 2012- read abstract here:

The only boys who need circumcision for phimosis in childhood are:

Watch video of circumcision surgery for children

Collaborators in medical treatment of Phimosis in children

Doctors from Navi Mumbai and Mumbai who have collaborated for phimosis medical treatment are:

Doctors who have collaborated for this trial are

  1. Dr D.R.Daruwalla- Vashi
  2. Dr Vijay Yewale- Vashi
  3. Dr Shilpa Aroskar- Vashi
  4. Dr Jeetendra Gavhane- Vashi
  5. Dr Bakul Parekh- Ghatkopar
  6. Dr Lokesh Banodkar- Bhandup
  7. Dr Jayant Rewatkar- Vashi
  8. Dr Sunita Jain- Belapur
  9. Dr Suhas Worad- Nerul
  10. Dr Manish Dubey- Vashi
  11. Dr Pankaj Deshpande- Vashi
  12. Dr Vanathi Swarnam- Nerul
  13. Dr Srikanth- Kharghar
  14. Dr Aparna Pakale- Sanpada
  15. Dr Mahesh Mohite- Panvel
  16. Dr Praveen Mody- Airoli
  17. Dr P.M.Jain- Vashi
  18. Dr UdhavKhilare/ Talnikar – Kharghar
  19. Dr Kotrashetti – Belapur
  20. Dr Sushmita Gupta – Koparkhairane
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