Dr. A.K. Singal MBBS (Gold Medalist), DNB, MNAMS
M.CH (AIIMS, Gold Medalist)
Stecker Scholar Pediatric Urology (USA)

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Achievers, Express Healthcare, June 2007,Express Healthcare,June 23, 2007

The Saviour

Dr A K Singal, (32), Chief Operating Surgeon, MGM Hospital, Navi Mumbai, in the process of saving 20-day-old Sahil Patil from a disorder called gastric volvulus, has created a medical record of sorts by conducting 'laparoscopic gastropexy on a child so young'. Only one such surgery was done earlier on a newborn from Ahmedabad.

Gastric volvulus is an abnormal rotation of the stomach of more than 180 degree, thus creating a closed loop obstruction that can result in incarceration and strangulation. "Traditionally, this surgery is performed by doing a laparotomy i.e. a large incision on the belly, but we did it laparoscopically," says Dr Singal. The procedure performed under general anaesthesia, involved inserting a five mm telescope via the belly button and then carbon dioxide gas was infused to distend the belly. Two more instruments were inserted into the belly via three mm incisions and the stomach was returned to a normal position. What makes this surgery unique is its difficulty to perform it on a newborn. "The baby weighed a mere 2.3 kg. The instruments if not used carefully, can damage nearby organs like liver and kidney. Also, carbon-dioxide gas, if used for too long, can result in breathing problems. Hence, the surgery has to be very fast," explains Dr Singal.

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